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Local. In Person.

We meet you in person with a classically-trained bespoke patternmaker to take your measurements. We do this by hand. We do this with a tape measure.

Lasers and scanners struggle to get a truly accurate raw measurement because:

A) They require you to be in a body stocking; otherwise, the scanner cannot adjust on the fly and will measure the clothing you are wearing rather than your actual body. Measuring by hand allows us to adjust and compensate based on what we see and feel at every data point.

B) Lasers can’t account for bone structure and subtle body nuances that require the skilled eye and instincts of a trained expert.

We meet you in person, because giving you detailed instructions to have a friend or family member take measurements seems utterly ridiculous to us. It’s the equivalent of getting instructions from a barber so that you can have a novice cut your hair.

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We make clothing. Design, sketch, fit, cut, make, trim.

We aren’t a tech solution, do-it-yourself app. We are not a fleet of salespeople selling “bespoke” door-to-door.

We are a trained, local team of professionals who will walk you through creating amazing bespoke clothing from start to finish.

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Quality X Value

There are a lot of places to buy custom suits in Los Angeles and Orange County. Google it; you’ll find a bunch.

For the most part, you’ll find:

A)     “Do it yourself” websites – They ask you to take your own measurements or use an app or scanners. They are fairly inexpensive ($400-$700) for a “custom suit.” They use algorithms for fit and machines – not sewing machines, but rather actual robots – to tailor their clothing.

B)      Salesperson based – Untrained salespeople cold-calling or selling “custom suits” to family and friends. Price points usually start at $1500. They have very little control in regard to the actual cut of the suit and even less of an understanding of how to use it.

C)      Clothiers – A fancy term for professional salespeople. Price points usually start at $2000. Typically, they are unschooled in tailoring and design. Their suit cuts are very generic, lacking in the fine points of fit and proportion. They have very little control or understanding of the patternmaking process and focus heavily on styling details (colored button holes, fancy linings, unique fabrics).

This in our opinion only serves as a veneer of true bespoke.

D)     Traditional Bespoke – The best of the best. Price points are sky high, usually starting at $5000+. It’s old-world luxury: truly amazing tailoring, but at a cost that is hard to justify.


We created our tailoring process from the ground up with one focus: Build a custom suit with the hallmarks of traditional bespoke tailoring but at a price point comparable to entry-level luxury ready-to- wear. 

To do this, we had to create a tailoring process that engineers quality without sacrificing artistic integrity. We invite you to take the time to learn more about how we make the best custom suits in the marketplace today.

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