For over a decade, we’ve been designing and tailoring custom clothing for both individual clients and movie & TV wardrobes. We believe in the power of great design and believe that the best Bespoke is built with purpose, making each piece both useful and unique to its owner. With a Focus on quality design and construction our clients can streamline, buying fewer pieces of clothing but getting far more wear and visual impact from the ones they have.


We Are Old School: Local, face to face, personal tailoring.

We believe that when it comes to bespoke, smaller is better. Great design is born from collaboration and one-on-one experiences. We aren’t a website offering remote-tech solutions to custom suiting—we don’t ask you to take your own measurements and order a “custom” suit from a set of options online. Nor are we a sales organization with a fleet of salespeople selling “bespoke” door to door. We’re simply a design studio woven from people who love the tailoring craft.

We invite you to make an appointment. Come on in, have a cup of coffee or a glass of scotch, and start a dialogue with us. Help us learn about you, so that we can collaborate to create remarkable clothing together.


Design First

This philosophy drives our craft. We’re the first to admit that our perspective on bespoke clothing is unique, even eccentric, by other firms’ standards. Many shops focus almost solely on the actual tailoring of a custom item—its hand stitching, basting, padding, and so on. While these aspects of custom tailoring require great skill and are integral to the process, they are not what make bespoke tailoring an art form. Precise tailoring is just one ingredient in our craft. Our “design first” approach pairs the art of design with the engineering of tailoring. Starting with design makes fashioning bespoke clothing a more fluid, though no less quality-focused, process.


Three Steps to Great Custom Clothing

Making impeccable bespoke clothing rests on a sequential trifecta. These three factors in great bespoke-wear are linear: We complete one step before we move to the next.


1.       Design (i.e., how the clothing is cut): Everything starts here. We subscribe to the belief that no hard and fast rules apply, so long as a piece fits and moves well and the wearer feels good. Slim cut or traditional, constructed or deconstructed, English or Italian—no one design choice is inherently better than another if it’s right for the application.

 That said, we also believe that for the rules to be flexible, it’s important to grasp the rules in the first place. We are students of great design first and foremost. From this foundation, we cut clothing organically, adapting and incorporating traditional techniques and details based on the wearer’s personality, body type, and needs.

An in-depth look: How we cut our custom suits.  for men  for women


2.       Materials (what your garment is made from): Great design won’t get you far without the highest-quality raw materials. Quality tells over time; the better the fabric, the better your clothing will age. At The Cutting Room, we hand-select the mills we use and choose each fabric we offer with a clear, on-the-ground understanding of how it tailors and performs.

Explore our fabric offerings for men for women


3.       Tailoring (putting it all together): When it comes to bespoke custom clothing, tailoring tends to receive the most attention. We value traditional bespoke craftsmanship and consider tailoring the engineering that brings design and materials together. Our approach to a well-tailored suit encompasses old-fashioned handwork as well as pragmatism. We want our products to be attainable. In other words, we engineer quality so that our beautifully made clothes stand the test of time—without the over-engineering that drives prices to bat sh!t expensive territory. 

An in-depth look: The quality of our craft