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A New Approach to Traditional Tailoring

Bespoke is synonymous with quality, which is why old-school handcrafting skills provide the basis for our custom garments. Traditional bespoke garments tend to be over-engineered, driving prices to batsh!t crazy levels. To make our clothing attainable, we created a streamlined approach, eliminating superfluous procedures that yield no performance benefit and creating garments with prices comparable to entry-level luxury ready- to- wear but with the quality and hallmarks of classic bespoke tailoring.

Our clothing features: Hand-basted canvas interlinings, custom molded shoulders, hand-rolled lapels, hand-picked stitching, pleated floating linings, and much more.

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Curated Fabrics, Trim and Sewing Materials.

Fabrics, Trim, and Materials (Threads, Canvas, Padding, etc.) are the raw ingredients of great tailoring.

We hand select each fabric vendor for balance on four points of quality:

1) Super Numbers

2) Yarn Twist

3) Fabric Weave

4) Depth of Color

A healthy balance between each criterion ensures that our suits are made with the right combination of quality and affordability.

We use:

- Silk thread for its deep color, strength, and durability

- Horse hair and linen canvas, giving our jackets their soft, lightweight drape and structure

- Hand-basted, stacked cotton padding that can be molded and shaped for each individual client’s unique body type

We feature:

- Over 200 choices for lining, ranging from solid-colored bembergs, tone-on-tone jacquards, and bold prints.

-  Corozo, bone, and shell buttons, for their durability and rich finish 

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Professionally designed and measured

To build a great-fitting suit, you have to start with the correct raw measurements. The quality of the end product is in direct relationship with the accuracy of the raw body measurements AND the skills and instincts of that artisan whom translates those measurements into a pattern – the blueprint of a bespoke garment.

You will be measured by a classically-trained and experienced patternmaker.

You will be fitted and re-fitted until it is right. We do this in person, using a tape measure.

We firmly believe that art is not the place for tech.



Clear, up front, all-inclusive pricing was a very important component for us in building our business. Our prices are based on the fabric selection. Tailoring quality, details, and all fittings are included in the price – there are no surprise costs. Currently, we have between roughly 300-500 fabric choices in EACH price tier.

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