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Designed Around You

Bespoke is a collaboration. Our design starts with taking the time to understand your needs, intended use for the clothing, body type, fit issues, skin tone, eye and hair color, and so on. Most people only wear 25% of the clothing they own regularly, because most people do not have an expert to walk them through buying clothing with purpose.

 Our detailed design process allows us to tailor the most flattering lines to your body, using the most complimentary colors and textures paired with your features, with styling that is most appropriate to your life and just the right number of pieces to match your actual clothing needs. The end result is fewer pieces, higher quality, better fitting, and more stylish clothing – overall, a better investment. 


Expert Fittings

For any one set of raw measurements, there are countless ways to cut, style, and fit a garment. A classically trained bespoke cutter and designer will meet with you in person to better understand how to cut the best suit for your body. No lasers, no machines, no algorithms, and not through skype or an app. Measurements are done in person, with a tape measure, by hand. We believe old-school is still the best way to create the best fit and the best cut.   + Make An Appointment


Engineered Quality

When we were developing our tailoring process, we had one singular focus: Build a custom suit with the hallmarks of traditional bespoke tailoring but at a price point comparable to entry-level luxury ready-to-wear.  To do this, we had to create a tailoring process that engineers quality without sacrificing artistic integrity. We invite you to take the time to learn more about how we make the best custom suits in the marketplace today. 

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For those looking to build multiple pieces, we offer wardrobe packages. Buying multiple pieces together can help simplify the fitting process, as it allows us to create a pattern in the same silhouette for maximum mix-and-match wearability and with styling that follows one linear direction. Packages are our most cost-effective way to build a wardrobe of truly amazing custom clothing.

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