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Bespoke for Weddings and Events


Wedding suit creation can be our most design-intensive service offering – and possibly our favorite type of project. If you have a clear picture of the direction you’d like to go… Great! Let us tailor you an amazing custom suit or tuxedo for your big day. Otherwise, we offer a complimentary full wedding design service. Together, we can walk through every detail of your big day from venue, floral colors, time of year and day, etc… This will help us design a custom suit or tuxedo that matches perfectly with your vision.

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After our initial meeting, a full hand-drawn custom rendering of your wedding outfit is created, and once the design is approved, tailoring will begin. This helps us to visualize the finished garment and how it matches with the details of your wedding, ensuring a creative and fun experience from sketch to finish.

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We recommend eight weeks’ lead time for all weddings and events to help minimize any time-related stress during the design and fitting process.


Quality And Value

We created our tailoring process from the ground up with one focus: Build a custom suit with the hallmarks of traditional bespoke tailoring but at a price point comparable to entry-level luxury ready-to- wear. 

To do this, we had to create a tailoring process that engineers quality without sacrificing artistic integrity. We invite you to take the time to learn more about how we make the best custom suits in the marketplace today.