The Black Satin and Navy Blue Custom Wedding Tuxedo

The Design:

Its probably the most requested wedding look at the moment, the black and navy blue shawl lapel tuxedo. Pretty straight forward, the client wanted this classic 70’s look updated to a modern cut.

From Sketch to Finish: "The Bruiser" Black and Navy Blue Wedding Tuxedo Bespoke Design

From Sketch to Finish: "The Bruiser" Black and Navy Blue Wedding Tuxedo Bespoke Design

Design Specs


Tuxedos translate best on crisp flat fabrics. For this tux we chose a super 110’s, open weave navy blue made in Italy. It’s got a great deep color, flat finish and a dry hand but most importantly, its crisp drape photographs well.

The custom tuxedo shirt is made of a pique sea island cotton


The jacket featured a crisp, lightly padded Milanese shoulder, 3” shawl lapels, 1 button closure and black Satin at the lapels, pocket besoms, buttons The trousers also had a matching  1” black satin down the legs.

The tuxedo shirt was made with a Pique fabric bib, an Italian Wide spread collar, French cuffs, and a removable button front, to accommodate studs.


The client had fairly wide shoulders so we wanted to create a more natural line. Usually for tuxedos I’d recommend an  English roped shoulder which gives the jacket more formality but this time around a less structured Milanese shoulder felt more flattering.  The rest of the suit was all about proportions. We wanted a modern look without forcing the fashion aspect, so the tuxedo features clean slim lines with out being a skinny suit.


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