The Best Custom Suits Made in Los Angeles

There’s a lot of places to buy a “custom suit” in Los Angeles, A Google search will yield pages of result but what are you buying really when you go to one of these so called bespoke custom clothiers?


Build a Better Suit

We built our business with one focus: Tailor a custom suit with the hallmarks of traditional bespoke but at a price point comparable to entry-level luxury ready-to- wear. 

As you  you shop for a custom suit maker and do your research we invite you to compare us head-to- head against any of our competitors. We are confident that you will come to the same conclusion: With consideration of design, fit, construction, and service vs. price we make the best custom suits in Los Angeles.

Below is a breakdown of what makes our clothing and service superior


1)     Custom Suits that are Actually Made in Los Angeles

This considerably narrows down the competition. How many custom suit makers actually make their suits in Los Angeles? So many of the shops out there are basically glorified made to measure, in a sense that they take your measurements, pick out fabric and details and send it off to…? What comes back should fit but they have very little control or understanding of how to cut a suit.

Having our own tailoring team in LA was a big step we didn’t want to compromise on. It gave us the ability to oversee every stitch and have full control of how our patterns are cut. It gave us full control of the quality of the tailoring. In our opinion, having our suits made in LA, in our own production facility, makes us better than 99% of the “custom suit” tailors in the market place.

2)     The Quality of Our Tailoring

We wanted to create a garment that could be held up against the best suits- custom made or off-the-rack – and our quality be comparable. Our mission was always to make a great custom suit affordable so we had to really be innovative in our approach. We did this by reverse engineering the process of making a bespoke suit, eliminating superfluous procedures that yield no performance benefit . The result was creating a better way to produce custom suits without sacrificing quality or art.

Our suits feature traditional custom tailoring hand skills and detailing: Hand-basted canvas interlinings, custom hand- molded shoulders, hand-rolled lapels, hand-picked stitching, pleated floating linings, and much more, far too many to list here.  Beyond what we say and what we can show in pictures, the only way to see great tailoring is in person.  See the crisp lines, clean seams and hold a jacket in your hands when it comes to bespoke, quality is something you can definitely feel.

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3)      Clear and Up Front Pricing

We wanted our suits to be attainable and we wanted the buying experience to be easy and stress free so a big component for us to building our business was to make our pricing clear, transparent and up front.

Many of the other  custom suit makers out there are very coy with their prices. They say stuff like “starting at” or “its around” when talking about their pricing. Often times choices like surgeon cuffs, Corozo or bone buttons, certain linings, pick stitching and so on are “premium” details that they charge extra for.

Our prices are based on fabric tiers and are laid out in our website. All details and fittings are included. There are no surprise costs. While we aren’t going to say our prices are inexpensive, we believe that in relation to our quality vs our price and in comparison to the prices of other custom suit makers in Los Angeles, we provide the best value.

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4)     The Cut of our Suits

We design, cut, make, trim everything in Southern California. We can actually sketch, drape, fit and sew unlike so many “custom suit makers” in LA. We understand nuances of fit and proportion. We are schooled in design.  When you come in for an appointment you will be measured and fitted by a classically trained bespoke pattern maker. A great fitting suit is equal parts accurate raw measurements and translating those measurements into a pattern that best compliments the individual clients body, posture, age, features, intend use for the clothing etc. Most importantly, because our custom suits are made in Los Angeles, we have full control in the creation and cut of each and every one of our suits.

While we do have some limitations- .– A small team of local tailors means we have limited production and scaling up will require new development of skilled labor. We figure it’s better to MAKE a smaller amount of suits really well, rather than SELL a bunch of third party made suits marginally. We also fully believe that when it comes to bespoke a smaller, local and talented team is better. We encourage you to compare our tailoring quality, fair and clear pricing, design ability and Southern California based production with any other suit maker in Los Angeles and believe you will come to the same conclusion, we build a better suit.

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